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Lets start at the top and work our way down, the top set of check boxes control the races that are displayed for each side of an attack.

Thrud's Planetarion Battle Calculator Round ??
Defending Fleet Attacking Fleet
Autoships Def Ter Cat Xan Zik Autoships Att Ter Cat Xan Zik


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The first box on each side is Autoships, this allows the calculator to hide ships on that side of the attack that are not used, if you find you can't see the ships that you wish to enter in the list then make sure that the race box is checked for the race that has the ship and that the Autoships box is clear.

If we go through the columns from the left, we have the ship name (Name), the input area for the number of ships of that type (Amount), the number of ships both killed and stolen (Lost), the number of ships held by EMP (Held) and finally the number of ships captured from that side (Stolen), if the value in the lost column is negative then the that is the number of ships gained, i.e. stolen from the opposing side.

Note : The Lost column is the net result of the combat, if for instance a ships steals its own class and the same number of ships are on each side, the lost column will be 0 as no side actually loses ships, this is also reflected in the values and salvage from the combat which will all be zero, the correct values for the combat as calculated by the game its self. Other calcs show the loses only, and subsequently get the values lost and gained by each side wrong and some even give salvage to the defenders for stolen ships which is wrong. Although this is different from most calcs it is a very accurate reflection of what is actually seen in the game.

Name Amount Lost Held Stolen Name Amount Lost Held Stolen
Harpy Fi - (Fi) 100 100 100 Harpy Fi - (Fi) -100 0 0
Phoenix Co - (De) 1000 1000 0 Spider Fi - (Co) 0 0 0
Beetle Co - (Fi) 0 0 0
Mosquito Co - (Roids) 0 0 0
Corsair Fi - (Co) 0 0 0
Cutlass Fr - (Fi) 0 0 0
Planet Value Planet Score Planet Value Planet Score
250 (250)
Structures 0 (0) LAND LAND LAND

The Planet Value and Score inputs allow the calculator to accurately predict the exprience gained by the attacker for landing at a target. The Roids input allows the number of captured roids to be calculated and the structures input the number of structures that will be destroyed. The field on the far right is an informational field only, this field tries to give some guidance as to whether or not it is worth laningin on the target, it currently displays "LAND LAND LAND" which is usually a good indication that it is worth landing on the target as the gains out weigh the loses. Other options for this field are "BETTER RECALL" if it looks like the loses of the attacker are going to be more than the gain, and "LAND ?" if there are no significant loses or gains by the attacker or any loses can be regained by the attacker in less than 24 ticks. The roids field on the attacker side is used to calculate the recovery from any loses.

Ship Totals 1.1K 1.1K 1.1K 100 Ship Totals 8.5K 0 0 0
Ship Cost 6.2M 6.2M (Salvage: +1.2M ) Ship Cost 17.8M +250K
Values 262.5K 112.5K (Salvage: +12K ) Values 178.8K +52.5K
Total Exp Exp Score Value
Autoships All Score Gain +352.5K +5K +300K +52.5K

The next section is a summanry of the loses and gains on both sides, this is intended to give a quick overview of the results of the combat, red numbers are loses and green numbers are gains, In this example the defenders lost a total of 1.1K ships, 1.1K were held and 100 were stolen. The attackers on the other hand had no casualties in this combat.

The Ship Cost is the actual cost of the ships in resources this value is for all of the ships on that side. The number to the right of this is the amount in resources that was lost or gained during the combat, the defenders have an additional field (Salvage: +1.2M) which indicates the total resources recovered from the battle. It is possible to have positive values if ships are stolen form the opposition. The Values below this are the same as the ship cost but convered to value, on the defending side the value of any roids or structures is also included in this value, the value to the right of this is lose or gain in value incurred by this side. The salvage value for the defender is the value in resources not ships, it is not included in the lost value calculation. In the case of single attackers against single defenders the change in value of the sides should accurately reflect the values calculated. The Autoships checkbox is a global setting and sets both sides to hide unused ships. The Score gain for the attackers, is the accumulation of all gains and loses by the attacker, this number should very closely reflect the actual gain or loss of the attacker in game.

Parse scans or set the comment

This section of the calculator allows scans and other information from within Planetarion to be pasted and parsed into the calculator, Planet, Unit, and Fleet Analysis scans can all be pasted and added to either the attack of defence fleets. In addition to that the overview page can be pasted as can a battle report, in the case of a battle report both sides are cleared and the attackers and defenders added to the appropriate sides, this can be very handy for understanding exactly what happened during a battle or to check the calculator is accurate, or to allow the battle to be manipulated to try and find a better way to attack of defend. Finally the mission page can be pasted into the calculator, it will try and place the fleets into the correct side, so ifyouare launching an attack fleet it should add the fleet to the attackers and if its a defence fleet it should be added to the defenders, if the fleet has not been launched then the calculator uses the selected button to decide whether to add to defence or attack. Finally it is also possible to add links from PA to the calc and also saved bcalc links from the bcalc it's self, in the case of bcalc links the ships are added to the same side as they are in the saved calc regardless of which button is used to add the calcs.


The above set of buttons are the main controls for the battle calculator, the reset buttons remove the ships from, both sides (Reset All), the defenders ships (Reset Def) and the attackers ships (Reset Att). The (Load Profile) button only appears if you have previously saved a profile, hitting this button adds the players saved profile to the current calc, beware as repeated hitting of the button will continue to add the players profile details. The (Save button) saves the current calculation, the link in the browser address bar can then be copied and pasted to others to allow them to view the same calculations. Swap Sides swaps the attacker and defenders ships and planet values, Calculate Battle does an actual battle calculation and generates the summary.

The bottom part of the screen is determined by the current mode (selected by the button at the bottom of the page. In Suggestion Mode, the buttons allow the calculator to make guess at possible fleets to use for defence or attack, the second mode is Manipulation Mode and provides buttons to remove ships and modify numbers of ships for attackers and defenders.

Fleet Suggestion Mode

Fleet Suggestions (Don't expect it to be perfect)
Fighters Corvettes
Check the boxes for the ship types you want to use then click on the Defend or Attack buttons. Fleets will be created with the types and races selected.
Frigates Destroyers
Cruisers Battle Ships


The fleet suggestions section is the most complicated section as it interacts with just about every other field on the form, the check boxes allow the classes of ships to be decided, the calculator will only select ships from these classes when making fleet suggestions, the races selected for each side are also used to limit the suggested fleets, one final limitation is also available, if a minus sign "-" is placed into the amount input box of a specific ship that ship will be excluded from the suggestions, so if you wanted to attack with a Xan Fi/Co fleet but did not want to send any Pulsars (maybe because you don't have any), you would check the Xan race selection button at the top, and clear the other races, select Fighters and Corvettes from the Fleet Suggestions ship classes and you would put a "-" in for the amount of Pulsars, and then hit the Attack button, this will clear down the ships in the attacking fleet and try to calculate a fleet that can effectively attack the defender, it will then do a battle calculation and display the results. The Defend button does a similar thing for the defenders but tries to prevent damage to any ships. Retal is the same as attack, but it will try to kill every defending ship whether its a threat to the attacker or not. Needed is a special case of defend that looks at the current fleets and displays a table of the ships and the numbers of ships that could be used to stop the current attack. The Needed calculation is limited by the Race checkboxes and by the ship class selection, and specific ships can be excluded with the minus sign "-". All ships that can stop the attack are displayed, so if two ships are listed that target Fr only one of them is actually needed to stop the attack, you don't need both of the ships in the numbers listed.

Performing a similar function to the minus sign the plus sign "+" allows you to include ships that would otherwise be excluded from the calculation to be used in the fleet suggestions. This option is only available one, as the calc will replace the "+" for the number of ships it recommends.

These are a selection of ships that can stop the attackers, each selection can completely stop the ship class it targets so if there are 3 ships listed as targeting BS any one of them in the numbers required will be enough to cover that class.
Ship Name Still Needed Targets ETA Race
Harpy 8150 Fi 7 Terran
Spider 1220 Co 7 Cathaar
Beetle 2460 Fi 7 Cathaar
Viper 370 Fr 7 Cathaar
Vsharrak 1050 Fr 7 Xandathrii
Sentinel 10830 Fi 7 Xandathrii
Arrowhead 2710 Co 7 Xandathrii
Corsair 2620 Co 7 Zikonian

Above is an example of the output of the Needed button with only Fighters and Corvettes available for defence, as can be seen there are 3 ships that can target Fi, any one of which in the numbers specified will stop the attacking fighters, so you need 8150 Harpies or 1220 Beetles or 10830 Sentinels to stop the incoming fighters.


The following section is used to change the look or mode of the bcalc, the "Use Black BG" button allows the background of the bcalc to be black instead of blue, this change is saved on the server under the connecting systems IP address and is restored whenever the same IP connects again.


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Documentation Interface


Fleet Manipulation Mode

Fleet Manipulation
Fighters Corvettes  
Check the boxes for the ship types you want to remove from a side then click the Defend or Attack buttons. Ships of that class will be removed from that side.
Frigates Destroyers
Cruisers Battle Ships
Fleet Tweaking   Default Fleet Profile


The fleet manipulation section allows global changes to be made to ships by checking the ship classes boxes and hitting either the (Remover from Defender) button or the (Remove from Attacker) button, the calculator will remove all ships of that class from the selected side. Handy if you have a unit scan and don't want to include certain classes in the calcs.

The +20% buttons are to allow all of the ship numberon a specific side to be increased by 20%, this is to allow worst case calculations based on unit scans that may have upto 20% error either way, it is not recommended that this method be used to decide final calculation only as an indication of what may be possible it the unit scan was low.

The (Next Tick) button, makes all of the calculations done in the combat permanent, so ship counts are updated as are planet values, this is very useful for fleet catches on attackers.

(Save Profile) saves the current calculation and sets a cookie on your machine, this cookie allows the calc to see if you have a profile saved, which adds a button allow the profile to be loaded. A loaded profile is added into the current calc, it does not replace the calc as a normal save would.

(Clear Profile) deletes the cookie so the saved profile is no longer associated with you. Profiles are exactly the same format as saved calcs there is no way for a someone loading a file to find out if its a normal saved calc or a profile.

If there is sufficient interest I will add a scan averaging facility that will allow several unit scans of the same planet to be added and averaged to get a more precise calculation.


The calculations done in this document are examples using the stats at the time of creating the document, do not expect the calculations and ship names/classes to keep up with the current stats from Planetarion, because they just won't, there can be proper rounds and beta rounds happening at the same time, and there is only one help file.

Do not use anything on this page as factual statistics for ships, they are provided in the Calculator not the help file.

Special Thanks to Aragno for finding the fix for the problem with the Javascript in Firefox